AT The Harpy Yoga Studio I teach the authentic Indian Yoga composed of all four brances of yoga in a 90 minute session  (raja – karma – jnan – bhakti) 

what is yoga

Yoga is union and connection with our higher self, the onneway road to reach moksh and unite with God. It has nothing to do with religion but it is considered a way of lliving. Appropriate for all times, all kinds of people, all body types whereas you can discover yourserlf. The food for the body and soul   

4 branches
Karma yoga for the body
 Jnāna Yoga for the mind
Bhakti Yoga for the feelings and Raja Yoga for the energy.

Yoga Retreats

Every summer starting by May I organise approximately 5 days trips for yoga and fun in Vourvourou Halkidiki. Simon King apartments luxury resort is happy to welcome us and offer all kinds of comfort. Fully equipped apartments with sea view are ment to fullfill every persons interest. The exotic beaches are perfect for yoga or meditation .Breaakfast, lunch ,boat cruise, kayak, guided meditation and reiki sessions include in the final price. If you want to kow more contact me directly.

Simon King Apartments

Vourvourou Halkidiki,Greec