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A new adventure begins. 

Yoga Lessons

 90 minutes sessions starting with  bhakti yoga, continuing with chanting, warm up , yoga asanas and completed with meditation or  pranayama.

Yoga retreats

Excursions with yoga in Vourvourou Halkidiki,  all inclusive .

Online yoga 

Yoga lessons through platform so you can now practice in your homes safety.

Pole dance

Sport pole dance lessons for begginers. 

Corporate Yoga 

Find out now how you can help your business grow. 

teacher training courses

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About me

My name is Papadopoulou Pelagia,born by 1981 in Thessaloniki, mother of three adorable children and married to a lovely husband. I started doing Yoga on 2016and graduated from sivaom school of yoga under the Guru teacher Guruji Shidhartha Shiv khanna by 2021. The lessons took place at Mohashantyai Yoga Shala owned by mrs Triferidou Eirini


On 1998, I was diagnosed with polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and I used to be under hormone therapy to control my symptoms. As far as I can remember my self I am faced with gynecological problems. 
On 2010 I was diagnosed with Endomitriosis after having tremendous pain and everyday difficulties.  
At  13/12/2010 I was under open surgery for removing endo cysts from both ovaries and immediately I was recommended to intorduce myself to artificial menopause. While I was in menopause I naturally got pregnagnant with my first son , Strato, which I found out purely by luck. My given Birth Date was 13/12/20211 while my son came in a hurry two weeks earlier.  Few years later and while I thought I was cured, I once again had endo cysts whlist I was pregnant again with my second adorable son , Simon. Once again , in a hurry ,Simon was born on May 2016 and 40 ays later endomitriosis came more wild ,accompanied with full intense symptoms. By then my doctor suggested to go under same treatment. Surgery and hormones which I kindly refused . I was under hormone therapy for the most part of my life and I could not handle it any more.
I was desperate but by then I remembered once a doctor adviced me to start doing yoga because he thought it helps. It was for real! I started very very slowly and withing a few months I saw huge difference. Some months later I started to live as a normal human being.  My cysts vanished! Couple of years forward and I was prengant again withmy daughter ,Mary, naturally and we welcomed her in the family by August of 2019!
Therefore I decided to become teacher myself and started to spend my time focused only on yoga!

The Studio

 The Harpy Yoga Studio is located in Ano Toumpa, Thessaloniki . Ths is not a typical gym but a wellbeing place. There, 20% is physical exercise and 80% sirituallity.A place only for women where I am dedicated to pamper each one individually. Properly and as SHE deserves.