The Harpy Yoga Retreat
Come join me in a fantastic place, Vourvourou Halkidiki , for an amazing yoga retreat. Place of staying is Simon King apartments where you can enjoy luxurius staying and refreshing accomodation.
A unique and wonderful venue that you will fall in love with. Where you can breathe, unwind and relax whilst embarking upon a new and enlightening spiritual journey. A place where you will be submerged within nature and find your inner self.
We will have three nights stay , 4 days in total of yoga and relaxation together.
First day is arrival day. We all meet together and share our information with the group.
Rest of the day after is settling down to the apartments and getting to know the place and time of meetings.
Afternoon we start our first yoga session together, right before the sunset where the energy is high.
We end every session with yoga nidra and relaxation.
Later on you have free time to find your center and relax. Explore the teritory and have fun with the rest of the group .
Second day we start early with yoga session and meditation (yoga nidra) . We continue with good breakfast and then you have free time to spend wherever you feel like.
Right before sunset we meet for our yoga session.
Third day we start early with yoga session and meditation (yoga nidra) . We continue with good breakfast and then you have free time to spend wherever you feel like.
Early afternoon we all meet for a nice cacao ceremony so we can all connect with each other and open our hearts and minds.
After the ceremony and depending on the group we will have our yoga class together.
Fourth day is the day of check out. Before the vehck out we get together for our morning rituals and yoga sessions.
My schedule is flexible and depends on the needs of the group. I have a general program in mind and i flow with my students after this. We will al be together most time within the day. You will have some time for swimming and relaxation if you prefer to stay alone but most of the time I will be around you to support and teach you all the wonders of yoga philosophy. Walks around the places and bea ches will help us better connect with nature and night rituals will take place for anyone that wishes to set new intentions in life.
This is not just a yoga retreat. This is a life experience.
Contact me about pricing and accomodation.
Change your way of thinking now and your environment will chnage also. If you feel like you are sad, grief, dealing with emotional ups and downs and think that something is not quite right, somthing is missing from the puzzle or everything is out of order, then I am the person for you to come and serve you in a way to helo yourself change and bloom at the same time.
Make this present to yourself and offer an unforgettable experience with me in this amazing place, just 80 kilometers away from Thessaloniki.
If you need transportation solution you can contact me also.
We can arrange everything in our lives. The point is to have a strong will and entousiasm to fight back and grow.
I will be very honnored to welcome you .
Pela The Harpy Yoga

-Day 1
*Arrivals and welcoming of guests
*Introduction of their apartments and general area
*Receiving welcoming presents
*19:00 - 20:00 Yoga session
-Day 2
*07:00 Early morning wake up
*07:30 - 08:30 Harpy Yoga (all styles of Yoga in one class)
*09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
*10:05 - 13:00 Free time
*13:00 - 14:00 Lunch break
*14:05 - 15:00 Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)
*18:30- 19:00 motivational group therapy
*19:00 - 20:00 Harpy yoga class
-Day 3
*07:00 Early morning wake up
*07:30 - 08:30 Harpy Yoga class
*09:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
*10:15 - 18:00 cacao ceremony and motivational speeches
*19:30 - 20:30 Yoga session
*20:30-21:00 reiki session
-Day 4
*06:00 Morning wake up
*One-hour yoga session
*Goodbye blessings and greetings
*12:15 Check out from apartments